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FNDT Flagpole Fndt at Property line

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I have a condition where I designed a flagpole lateral restraint column to correct a soft-story design in the city of Santa Monica. I designed the pole to be connected to the garage door header from the outside face of the building. For those interested, I used Division 93 standards which required a theoretical K of 2.1.
I assumed that we had sufficient side-yard clearance of 3 or more feet, but found out that the building had been constructed right on the property line.
The garages have flat liftup style doors which prevent me from moving my embedded poles into the opening, however I could change the garage doors to sectionals. The other problem is that this was once a simple under-living area parking and not intended to be enclosed garages. Therefore, there is no pier on either side of the opening other than the thickness of the stucco walls (about 8" total) and a single or double trimmer to support the garage door.
The embedded poles are TS6x6x1/4" which connect to the face of the headers at 7'. The foundation which is restrained by the concrete drive and building slab is 36" square x 4'-6" deep. In actuality, there are four columns and foundations along this side of the building, but only two are encroaching on the neighbors property.
Possible Solutions:
1. Move the embedded pole into the opening and change the doors to sectional doors. The garages are used for only one car but are ten or twelve feet wide. This should provide enough clearance to keep the foundation concentric to the pole.
2. Move the foundation into the opening by approximately 14" and have the TS6x6x1/4" fabricated with a bend that would set the top of column near the edge of the foundation, but would place the bottom of the column at the center of the ftg or possibly more to the opposite side.
3. Remove the two end foundations and redesign the middle two columns to take the full load and connect them together with a grade beam (approximately 13'-0" apart). The problem here is the depth of the steel. The location places them between the garages which is also a driveway for passage through the commercial building.
I would like some opinions about having the columns at each end fabricated with a bend to allow the fndt's to be moved within the property lines - of any other suggestion I have not thought of.
Thanks in advance.
Dennis Wish PE