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My understanding of the "Barney Bars" was not that they *should* be coated
after bending, but that they are required as part of the standard to be
coated after bending.  I also recall there being requirements for testing
the bars to verify the integrity of the coating.  The Navy has done a lot of
research on this topic, and also has guidelines for the care and handling of
this rebar prior to and during placing (NFGS 03201 and NFGS 03202).

We had Douglas Burke, a civil engineer with the Naval Facilities Engineering
Service Center give a lecture on this topic and the research he had done
testing some different rebar protection techniques while I was in school.
It's frightening how bad epoxy coating can be if you don't have great
quality control.

Just me chiming in

Paul McEntee

> Chris,
> Thanks for answering to my post.  I did some research on the internet
> , and found ASTM A775, and ASTM A934.  There was no information about
> ASTM D3963 on the ASTM web site.  Is that standard relates to A775?
> Thanks,
> Sasha Itsekson
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> If "Barney Bars" is refering to purple epoxy coating, then yes they
> conform to different ASTM.  The green bars are ASTM D3963.  The
> purple (or gray)
> bars are ASTM A 934.
> The purple epoxy is supposed to be more durable, however it is more
> brittle.  Because of this the bars should really be coated after
> bending.  As you would
> expect there is a price premium for this.  It is approx. 30% more than
> (green) epoxy coating, or about double black steel.
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> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anybody have an ASTM number for the epoxy coated rebars.  BTW, I
> > remember a year ago or so discussion about that, but I can't find it
> > in my archives.  Has anybody used or have seen used "Barney Bars".  Do
> > they conform to a different ASTM then regular "green bars"
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Sasha Itsekson
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