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Re: Re: New Subject Please

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Even though I would like to keep the ground rules open, it appears I share
the minority opinion (not 
the first time, mind you). Maybe this site should remain as originally 
designed: focused around structural engineering topics including 
technical, business practice and information sources.


I found this thread very interesting, and we DID relate it to engineering
ethics which apply to us all.  I don't think this thread would have gotten
near the response it did if it was completely unrelated.  We all need to
discuss ethical situations that affect our work and ultimately our lives.  I
would not discourage anyone from contributing in such form.  I think if it
were completely unrelated then the thread would die on its own.  Why is this
so different from my last thread of wood stud wall construction.  It
basically came down to an ethical decision, do the right thing, build the
wall correctly and you won't have problems later.  The presidential thread
was general ethics, the wood thread was specific ethics.  But we still can't
function as a society with some form of ethics!

I for one was amazed at the apathy towards personal conduct and performing
the duties of one's office, whether political or private.  It will help me
better understand some people I come in contact with, not that I agree with
them.  (Ahhhh, this was my last stab at the topic!!!)


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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