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Re[4]: New Subject Please - Mathcad

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     The concept of MathCad templates on the web is great idea to say the 
     Sash L, PE

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: New Subject Please - Mathcad
Author:  MIME:wish(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    2/5/98 6:04 AM

When you click on the *.mcd hyperlink it will take you to a list of, 
unfortunately, old MathCad files that I placed at the end of 1996. Sorry, 
but since no one appeared interested or added to the list of programs, I 
assumed it was a dead issue. Hopefully, some of you will revive this corner 
of the web and create a growing list of useful MathCad templates that you 
are willing to share.
Dennis Wish PE
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Date: Wednesday, February 04, 1998 5:17 PM 
Subject: Re: Re[2]: New Subject Please - Mathcad
>In a message dated 98-02-03 01:31:26 EST, you write: 
> Goto and from the frame on the left side of the screen 
> "Information Exchange". At the bottom of this page is a table with *.mcd 
> hyperlink. The table is called programs and software. Click on the 
> and it will take you to the seaoc ftp site where the mathcad files are 
> located.
> Dennis
>  >>
>I was hoping that the "*.mcd" are programs which can be downloaded!!!???? 
>I also hope there will be some "new" ones listed :)
>Antonio S. Luisoni SE