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AISC's "Modern Steel Construction" on April 1995 has an article by Mr.
Magner "Automated Structural Design Calculations Using Mathcad". It is a 
6-page long introduction with an example for preparing girders for LRFD

Anybody have connection with Mr. Magner from New York? Could you ask him
if his code is listed on any website? 

By the way, Mr. Magner has a book called: 
    "Mathcad Electronic Book Building Structural Design: 
          Reinforced Concrete and Structural Steel Application" 
However, this book is not listed on the "". 

It has been my wish for a long time to make the engineering results from 
computer outputs read like hand calculations. The computer program 
StlShape that I am working on lacks the ability to change from ASCII
text to
engineering formulas. Here is my question: "Could Mathcad solve my
(I can output almost any combination of ASCII text --embedded tags-- 
such as HTML.) 


Thanks in advance,

Sam Chang, SE <szchang(--nospam--at)>

ps: If you would like to take a look of StlShape, visit this site: 
URL: "";