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RE: Lateral decision

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Just a question for the group (not a suggestion)... Would a partial retrofit
of the entire building be better than a full retrofit of the first floor?
For example, install some missing collectors to existing shear walls but
don't add ply even though the walls are overstressed?  Maybe some holdowns
at locations of large uplift, and some anchorage of the sill plates to the
exising foundations?  At least you'd be getting the load where it needs to
go, regardless of whether or not those elements have the required capacity,
limit deflections, or at the very least tie everything together and get a
little redundancy for life safety.  Or is it a waste of money?

Paul McEntee

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> I would recommend that your proposal include a discussion of the need to
> retrofit the second floor as well.  By strengthening the first floor only
> you change the response characteristics of the building.  Additionally,
> must make sure that there is a complete load path.
> If the owner says they do not want to do the second floor, then you have a
> choice to make.  Your discussion should make it clear to the owner that
> strengthening only half the building is not cost effective in the overall
> scheme.