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Re: Wedge Anchors vs. Epoxy Rods

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We are strong proponents of epoxy anchors for sill plates as well.
Particularly in edge of slab or stem wall conditions, I worry the wedge
anchors will blow out the side of the concrete.  I also don't like the fact
that the wedge anchors are always actively loading the concrete.  I like the
passivity of the epoxy anchors.  Lastly, the anchors are typically drilled at
1/8" larger diameter than the bolt through an in-place sill plate, meaning
that the hole in the sill plate is greater than the 1/16" oversize allowed for
bolts in wood.  With the wedge anchor that gap stays there.  With the epoxy
anchor being installled through the plate the epoxy not only fills the hole in
the conrete, but also fills in around the bolt in the sill plate making for a
tighter fit and a better shear connection.

That's my vote.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.