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Re: FNDT: Shearwall and

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Dennis -

Back to your original question regarding footings and HD8A's.  Despite the
large uplift force, don't forget that you have a counteracting downward force
at the other end of the shear wall.  If your uplift forces are high, this
ususally means your wall is short and this downward force is nearby.
Therefore, I often use the footing under the shear wall as a continuous
footing so that there is a moment on the footing caused by the T/C of the
holddowns but no net uplift.  Usually, if you consider the footing to extend a
couple of feet past the wall on each side you have enough bearing.  Then make
sure you have enough rebar in the footing to spread the load and you are OK.

Just my thoughts.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.