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Re: Wedge Anchors vs. Epoxy Rods

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Good question!
I would never use a wedge anchor for a mud-sill connection at the edge of a slab. Hilti changed their recommendations for expansion anchors and according to their catalog places the centerline of a 1/2" anchor in shear and tension at approximatlly 7 bolt diameters. None of their anchors would work in a 3-1/2" plate and may work in a 5-1/2" plate, but barely. The capacity can be interpolated as you get to the minimum edge distance but this is much less than epoxy anchors.
My experience in most cities (including Los Angeles) will allow installation of epoxy anchors in shear only without deputy inspection if designed for less than 50% of their working strength values. Tension installations require deputy inspection.
The use of wedge anchors a few years ago within 2-1/2" of the slab edge was done. I believe it was after Northridge in combination with the Anchor Bolt committee work done by SEAOSC that helped create stricter standards for edge distance.
I still need to argue this with contractors who don't know the restrictions. The Simpson catalog even tells you how to reduce the capacity of their Epoxy-Tie anchors based upon it's proximity to slab (foundation edge) and corner conditions.
I don't recommend the use of expansion anchors close to the edge of a foundation - period.
Dennis Wish PE