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To interested parties:

I recently has occassion due to a clients requirements (a contractor / product developer) to 
spring for the cost of the Mathcad 7 Upgrade and the "Roark's Formuls for Stress and Strain". 

Then this week I recieved a mailing from Mathcad this week offering to sell me the Mathcad 7 
Upgrade and give me a free copy of any one of four copies of their electronic books for free. 

They are nice people when I called them and explained that I had just purchased the Upgrade they 
agreed to send me one of the electronic books as part of the purchase. It is nice to see that 
some  companies have a sense of moral values.

Since recieving the Roark's I have found that it will also work with Mathcad 6.

So if anyone needs the Roark's it is available Seperatly or as part of two out of four of the 
bonus groups that come with the Mathcad 7 upgrade. 

If I keep this up I am going to ask them for a commission.

Robert Stevens
Consulting Engineer

PS.	In my normal pack rat fashon I find that I have made notes on most of my templets as soon 
	as I can edit a set I will send them in for posting to the Web Site.