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Hawaii Building Codes(and a test of e-mail)

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(I did not see my earlier reply on the listserver, so the following is
being re-sent as an original message.)

Relative to the UBC in Hawaii:

C&C Honolulu, County of Hawaii:  1994 UBC  
Counties of Kauai, Maui:  1991 UBC

Seismic Zones(as amended):  Hawai'i Zone 4
per islands			  Maui, Lana'i, Moloka'i    Zone 2B
				  Oahu  Zone 2A
				  Kaua'i  Zone 1

IBC 2000 is expected to result in significantly higher spectral
accelerations on Hawai'i and Maui.

Lastly, Hawaii State Law requires that the Structural Engineer and
Architect  of Record perform periodic construction observation on all
projects, regardless of seismic zone, occupancy, or any of the other
exceptions that have been created elsewhere! 

Gary Chock
Member, SEAOH and SEAONC

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