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RE: Pitched Tapered Glu-Lam

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We've retofitted these types of beams on more than a few jobs.  We tend to
only see the splitting in radial tension when the radial stress is on the
order of 6 times the allowable.  Funny thing (well, funny because I never
worked on the job) happened on one fix.  Specs say to jack the beam up till
all the cracks close then epoxy them, and install the epoxy rods or external
clamps we use to take the radial tension.  So the contractor jacks up this
beam, and the cracks don't close up at all... the beam just lifts up off of
the supports at each end.  I put that story in my goofy things file, since I
can't explain it.


> You are correct.  I should have used the word 'brittle' mode of failure -
> 'catastrophic'.
> I too haven't seen a failure that resulted in the beam falling down.
> Sorry if I
> gave that impression.
> Lew Midlam,  PE
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> Bdpooley(--nospam--at) wrote:
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> > However, I disagree with the statement that it is a catastrophic