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Re: Lateral decision

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Your delima is a tough one.  The all or nothing is certainly the safe course.
If you take on the job I would certainly advise that you completely educate
your client on the possible ramifications of the decision as it relates to
their building making it clear that there are deficiencies that need
correcting on both floors and that reinforcement of the first floor is not
complete reinforcement of the building.  Back up your presentation in writing.
If something happens there is always someone on some committee that will say
"didn't we just pay that engineer a lot of money to fix our building so this
wouldn't happen?"  You might suggest a planned phasing of the work so that
within a reasonable period of time, money could be budgeted to complete both
floors.  This would establish a prority to get the work accomplished but not
"break" the owner and I think you would have acted properly and in the best
interest of your client and the public.  Just my two cents.

Mel Slaysman