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Re: Garage door detail

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At 10:07 AM 2/4/98 EST, Parkerres(--nospam--at) wrote:
>Kate -

There is a publication called Laboratory Report 96 Rigid Frame Joints by
Fredrick C Pneuman published by American Plywood Association Form T64-430
(130 cant read the numbers). This report also covers the design of ridgid
frames with plywood gussets. These frames are primarily used for roof

There is also another publication that has standard frames but I can not
find the publication number. 

You might want to review these publications.

I thought SEAOC had published an article from AITC that this detail was not
recommended due to the deflection problems associated with tall short shear
walls. The news letter was published five or six years ago. AITC on the web
might be another source.

When ever one deals with these associations, one has to understand were the
funding comes from. This particular association promotes the use of
engineered lumber, so one would expect them to provide alternate details to
the use of other materials such as steel or concrete ect.

If one were to use this detail, special inspection would be a
consideration, along with the use of a good epoxy or wood adhesive might be
in order.

As a note after the Loma Prieta earthquake I saw a lot of racked buildings
due to short shear walls. This also is reflected in the current engineered
provisions of the 1997 uniform building code limiting an eight foot tall
shear wall to minimum of 4' length. 

John Buchanan P.E.