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Re: Wedge Anchors vs. Epoxy Rods

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At 10:17 PM 2/5/98 -0800, you wrote:
The new senior who was checking the job wanted to know why I wasn't using
wedge anchors instead of the epoxy rods I had shown on a detail connecting
an existing sill plate to an existing foundation.  At his old office, they
used them all the time.  My answer was that we just don't *ever* use wedge
anchors, it's an office
standard to always use epoxy rods.  So as I sat back and watched as two
senior engineers almost came to blows (well, sort of) arguing the merrits of
wedge anchors versus epoxy anchors, costs, benefits, ease of installation,
whatever, I just got curious.  Is there anyone on the list using wedge
anchors for seismic loads?

All I know is that I don't use them because they are no good for tension
applications, and the torque required to install them correctly will crush a
wood sill plate.  Anyone have any good uses for these little beauties that
contractors love?  How about horror stories?

>Hope to hear from you

>Paul McEntee

My office uses epoxy rods for seismic loads in almost all situations. Only
where seismic loads (tension) are relatively small and we have embedment
restrictions (such as the thickness of existing slab), we opt for wedge
anchors. Where vibration is an important design element (machinery, etc), we
avoid wedge anchors altogether.

Neno Grguric