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Re: committees

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>But camels are indispensable in the lives of some folks.  We can joke
about it
>all we want, but until Moses II comes down the mountain bearing clay tablets
>chiseled with codes and standards written by the High Authority, we'll
have to
>develop them in a consensus fashion, which means committees and committee
>work.  Where would we be without the camels from ACI, AWS, AISC, NDS, UBC,
>IBC, etc?  Even locally developed standards, such as COLA's various
>are camels courtesy of SEAOSC committees.

Well said, a committee member I've been pretty frustrated at
times, but what is the alternative? Autocratic decisions imposed by
out-of-touch civil servants? Policies developed by consultants pushing
their own individual agendas? Committees are the best alternative we have.
Through committee work, I've learned a lot,  and been exposed to different
viewpoints (like how engineers see the world) that otherwise I might never
have come across. Not only do committees produce these essential documents,
they can be highly beneficial to the individuals who participate. 

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver, Canada