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Denigating Committee Work?

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Frank Lew recently stated (I hope in jest): "It isn't surprising, then, that some folks who denigrate committee work see it as a "pseudo virtue"."
I would tend to take exception to this statment since I have been most "postal" on this issue. If anything, I am pro commitee and want to see committe work extended to a broader network of professionals will to participate, but unable to do so for various reasons.
I can imagine Frank shaking his head thinking "Here it comes again, Dennis is mounting his soap box!"
Recent discussion of establishing committee and board listservices are the first sign that SEAOC board members and committee members see an advantage to use the listservice as a means to enhance committee work. The 29 days between each meeting can be used to debate and refine the work of the committe rather than trying to resolve a full agenda in a short period of a few hours once a month.
The consensus of this list has been to support committee work and to try and enhance it rather than, as you might think - denigate it.
Dennis Wish PE