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Re: Garage door detail

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I agree with the previous comments generally trashing this concept, but I
wonder what JO'B was trying to achieve.  

If I remember correctly SEAOC or SEAONC several years ago proposed (or maybe
accepted) this concept of a wood "rigid frame" as more of an emergency attempt
to provide SOME lateral strength in an EXISTING garage front and specifically
mentioned that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE IN NEW CONSTRUCTION.  It was to be this
only if nothing else could be done.  I'm sure we would all agree that
(structurally) it would be better to just build a shear wall in the garage
door opening.  Lacking that this is a "better-than-nothing" improvement. 

In that context the comments about deflection are moot.  The objective is to
prevent collapse and a few inches of deflection are acceptable.  

I wonder what Building Officials think about a voluntary upgrade with this
type of substandard improvement.  It goes without saying that the owner must
be made fully aware that this is not code-approved construction. 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA