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Re: plan dimension standards

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In a message dated 98-02-08 22:54:00 EST, you write:

       I am wondering what others are doing for residential foundation plan
 dimensions. This has taken up an unproportional amount of my drafters time
 many reasons ( architect changes & errors) and alot of worries for me when
 there are dimension errors on my plan. 
      I recently saw a residential track planby another engineering firm  that
 simply said "see architectural for dimentions" , except for unique dimensions
 like foundation pad  locations for large point loads. I spoke to a concrete
 sub during a structural observation and he said he looks at the architectural
 anyway since he had to consider plumbing and other items , and could build it
 by the architectural dimensions. The framing plans rarely have dimensions
      Referencing the architectural plan instead of repeating the dimensions
 would save a huge amount of drafting time and reduce error potential. I am
 planing to start using this method and would like to know what others are
      Thanks in advance
      Tom Harris , SE
      Thousand Oaks, CA
If I put dimensions on the plans I also as the following note: "Refer to and
check with arch.dgws. for all dimensions, elevations, openings, curbs, slopes,
walks, etc."
One drawback with not puting any dimensions on your (structural) drawings is,
that the architect can make changes without you knowing about them!!!!

My 2 cents
Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
Consulting SE