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Raw Data - post-disaster housing

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I have receive the first installment of the data I was looking for
regarding post-disaster housing.  This information was provided by FEMA and
SBA for the Northridge earthquake.

To better understand the numbers it may be helpful to know how the FEMA
program works for individuals.  Individual assistance is a "needs met"
program.  That is you begin with your insurance company, for additional
money needed you would apply to SBA for a low-interest, government
guaranteed loan.  If you still need more money you apply to the FEMA
Individual Family Grant program.  If you do not have insurance, you begin
with SBA.

On this basis, there is some overlap in the information from FEMA and SBA.

Small Business Administration:

98,878 home loans were approved for a cost of $2,482,764,300.00 (These
loans would have been for repairs, replacements, and temporary housing)

FEMA Applicants

114,000 households for an amount of $372,432,868 (these were grants for
temporary housing)

Overall Individual Assistance costs from FEMA were approximately $1.5
billion dollars.

SBA's $2.5 billion plus FEMA's $1.5 billion total $4.0 Billion of
assistance to home owners and renters.  This does not include assistance
provided to business owners from SBA (approximately $1.5 Billion).

I'll provide similar information on other disasters nationwide as I receive
the information.