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Re: Private School Reporting for Structural Engineers -Reply-Reply

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Tim McCormick writes:

<< One question I have for you though: Do the Building Officials in Orange
 County require the verified reports and periodic review of construction?

I don't believe Orange County is any different from other Counties in that
these requirements are not thoroughly enforced.  I mentioned earlier that the
majority of Building Officials here are aware of these provisions, even though
they were hidden in the Education Code. I thought it had resurfaced at a local
ICBO chapter meeting a few years ago.  

For some unknown reason, we rarely plancheck private schools. (Perhaps the
only reason I remember the last school plancheck was because it was a Catholic
Elementary with condom dispensors shown in the restroom fixture
schedules...big "oops").  With this school  I am pretty sure all of the
requirements were followed, but after the permit is issued the consultants
work is pretty much finished.

I'd like to draw a parallel to the reporting requirements for Structural
Observation.  How many of us are being asked by the building department for
our final report stating that "all items to the best of our knowledge have
been resolved..." on jobs with Structural Observation?  I'd say that
enforcement on this is lax.

Tom VanDorpe
VCA Engineers