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RE: UBC 97 seismic section and NEHRP

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You're quite right, the 1997 seismic section is quite different, and is
based on NEHRP.  Wait 'til you see IBC 2000.  One difference which may
not be readily apparent is that 1997 gives loads at strength rather than
service levels (that's why it's "R" and not "Rw").  Good point about the
absence of margin markings for changes - it's because the whole chapter
has been rewritten, see the note at top of Page 2-1.

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> From: 	Ghassem
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> Sent: 	Tuesday, February 10, 1998 7:04 AM
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> Subject: 	UBC 97 seismic section and NEHRP
>      What is going on with the UBC97 seismic requirements? They seem
> quite
>      different from the 94 code. Are these based on NEHRP? And why are
>      these not marked as usual as UBC would mark the changes to the
> code?
>      Thanks, Ghassem.