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Mail failure

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>Subject:  Re: plan dimension standards
>Date: 1998-02-09 11:27
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>Even though or maybe especially since I hold a degree in architectural
>engineering in a state where the law does not allow me to let it be
>I've become "hardened" toward the whole generaa of "architects" as far
>their veracity and trustworthiness goes!!
>>From experience I can tell to absolutely not allow your foundation plan
>rely only on the architectural plans for dimensions! I was talked into
>just this on some condo's. As the third one was being built I started
>recieving calls from the builder saying that the headers called out in
>framing plans would not fit into the depth provided. Come to find out
>architect had changed not only the footprint dimensions by as much as
>but the entire window and door schedule without notifying me or
>providing me
>with the revised plans!! I redid all my work to fit the "new" plans and
>never paid for it!!
>By the way it was a supposed fast track project. I never worked for or
>recommended that architect again.
>Norb Volny, PE