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Re: UBC 97 seismic section and NEHRP

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     The 97 UBC Chapter 16 has a note up front that says "This chapter has 
     been revised in its entirety".  When they put this note in for a 
     chapter, they do not put the change markers in the margin, there would 
     be so many it would not be helpful.  The 97 UBC seismic requirements 
     are partially based on the NEHRP provisions and also give you a taste 
     of the new provisions to come in the 2000 International Building Code 

        Ed Haninger
        Fluor Daniel
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Subject: UBC 97 seismic section and NEHRP
Author:  RFC-822=Ghassem.Khosrownia(--nospam--at) at 
Date:    02/10/1998 10:04 AM

     What is going on with the UBC97 seismic requirements? They seem quite 
     different from the 94 code. Are these based on NEHRP? And why are 
     these not marked as usual as UBC would mark the changes to the code?
     Thanks, Ghassem.