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Re: Garage Door Detail

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You can't use the two side walls and back wall with open front. Torsion
is not allowed by Code for wood diaphragms.  

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering

Mark A. Scott wrote:
> everyone eems concerned about the frame on either side of the door opening.
>  What about your diaphragms?  Does the roof diaphragm have anchorage to the
> rest of the structure?  Are the boundaries sufficiently fastened?  Is there
> a need to cross tie the ceiling or use it for a diaphragm?  Why not use the
> two side walls and the back wall?  The load is resisted by the stiffest
> path.  Is that path adequately tied and anchored?  Do the engineering and
> let the code be your guide!!
> Thanx, Mark Scott SE
> ----------