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Re: Foundation Underpinning

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In a message dated 98-02-10 03:12:53 EST, you write:

<< I am looking for any information I can get concerning foundation
 I need to do an oral presentation in my advanced concrete class concerning
 this topic.  I know SEAOSC had a conference or a meeting concerning this
 subject in the past and it intereted me.  I would like to know if anyone
 have any information  >>

     I believe you are refering to a presentation by Bill Crouch, SE early in
1997 , at a seaosc tri counties dinner meeting in Summerland. It was
excellent. There is a dinner meeting in Ventura tomorrow nite ( 2- 11 - 98 ) .
I can bring a copy of his notes. There is too much to fax. The topic tomorrow
is coastal engineering by Dr. Dennis Drag , PE about a project in Long Beach
Harbor. Fred Schott, SE is coming from your area and would probably be
agreeable to carpooling. His number is in info 411 SLO. Tell him i said to
call. (This is also a great opportunity for students to network with potential
employers ). Students are welcome and get dinner subsidised by SEAOSC below
cost at $10.00. Social @ 5:30, Dinner 6:30 , presentation at 8:00 for 1 Hour.

     Tom Harris , SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA