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Re: Homeowner Needs Engineer

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I'm a CE that deals with homeowners on a regular basis and I focus on
structures...As I"ve had my practice in Pasadena for 18 years, I
wouldn't normally consider taking what is probably such a small job in
Oceanside, but my hobby of flying may come in here... If I can f;y down
and make enough to cover plane costs etc, I'd consider taking the job. 
And that shouldn't be a big problem.... so if you want to pass my number
on to them, or if you are doing a screening process for them, and wish
to call... my number is 626)796-3593.  I'll at least give them a call
and see what the issue is.  You didn't say if it was a new wall to be
designed or if it is an existing wall that they want looked at.  Either
way, I'll follow up and see what's involved.

I look forward to hearing from you even if you've passed it along to
someone else already.
Steve Privett  CE