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ATT: Building Officials & Engineers

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Inspection & Testing in IBC2000
Recently there was a thread regarding "Get Involved".
A brief review of the current state of the developing International
Building Code for the year 2000 has caused some degree of alarm among the
Quality Assurance oriented professionals.
There is a significant decrease in the inspection requirements from the
Uniform Building Code which is used in the Western United States in an
effort to combine the BOCA and the Southern Building Code into the IBC.
However, the need for increased, NOT DECREASED, Quality Assurance through
Inspection and Testing is distressingly apparent.  The Engineering
Community has continued to progress in the direction of quality and has
fought hard for Quality Assurance code issues for many years in the
interests of Public Safety, but there is a very real potential threat to
that development.
As Building Departments everywhere suffer budget cuts and find greater and
greater loads on the Municipal Inspectors, quality assurance issues can be
easily buried.  Decreasing the Special Inspection & Testing requirements
seems outrageous given the natural disasters issue alone!
I implore all affected (that's everyone, I think) to make an opportunity to
review what is actually being proposed!  Let's do what we can to get it as
right as possible the first time so we're not spending the next 2 or 3 code
cycles trying to straighten it out.
Those that are active in this development need your input and that's not
just verbally. They have worked tirelessly (and sometimes not so
tirelessly, but they ) are committees and committees work by votes.  If
your opinions through voting isn't represented, all the noise and
anguishing in the world will fall on deaf ears. 
ongoing for several years now and we're rapidly approaching deadlines which
may be irreversible for some time to come.
Invest the time to write AND attend or invest a lot of time later to amend.

R. Sandy Pringle, Chair	          STRUCTURAL INSPECTION CONSULTANTS Inc. 
SEAOSC				    (800)598-1970  Fax (310)376-5294 
Inspection Practices Sub-Committee   Hermosa Bch & Redondo Bch, CA   

	It's not a matter of where you stand,
	 but in what direction you're headed.