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Signing mylars or vellum

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I guess it depends on the laws and rules in the state.  For example, in 
Arizona, Rule (*not* law) R4-30-304.D states:

"D. For purposes of Section A, all *original* documents shall:

1. Include an *original* seal imprint or a computer generated seal which 
matches the seal on file at the Board office.

2. Include an *original* signature that does not in anyway obscure the 
registrant's printed name or registration number, or

3. Include in *handwriting*, the date the document was sealed." [Emphasis 

Arizona law prohibits "issuing" unsealed documents, which has been 
interpreted to mean that *anything* that gives a professional opinion or 
direction must be sealed unless marked "Preliminary" or "Not for 
Construction."  To wet seal large sets of bidding documents would involve a 
huge amount of time; time that would be better spent by the professional 
making sure that major problems do not exist on the drawings or in the 

A number of years ago, one of the City of Tucson plan checkers was walking up 
stairs at City Hall and noticed a bunch of sticky-backs on the stairs on 
which were signed seals.

In another case, a Phoenix architect was perplexed when he received a letter 
asking for permission to get copies of one of his plans from the Tucson's 
Building Safety Department.  His response was that he never did the building 
--- that someone must have lifted his seal *and* title block from another of 
his drawings.

With today's technologies, I don't think that it matters much whether a 
drawing is wet stamped or the original is stamped.  If a person wanted to, 
he/she could scan a seal, separate out the signature, take the seal and 
signature down to the local office supply store and get a stamp with the seal 
and a signature stamp and then would be able to "wet stamp" all the prints 
he/she wants to.

Whenever I give my client the original stamped tracing, I keep a blueline 
copy marked "Record Print" and date it.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona