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Re: OSB roof and shearwalls wet from these rain

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>At 10:21 AM 2/10/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>>>Once the board has swollen there's not much to be done.  ALWAYS warn
>>>Contractors of the danger of using OSB in, especially, exposed locations,
>>>even with so-called exterior grade!!. 
>>Thor , It is cheaper in the USA.
>>Also the "all products association " APA should have application
>>specifications for the OSB.
>>Norb Vony , PE
vered,  wood should be tested for moisture content and if it
>is above 19% it violates all building codes in Canada, and I would suspect
>(but don't know for sure) there is  comparable code requirement or standard
>in the US. 
>Maura Gatensby Architect
>Vancouver, Canada
Maura and Thor and All,
        Another 2 cents worth. This is a plug for more teamwork and
awareness on all our part. As you know Canada has an excellent series of
papers by the Canadian National Research Council called the Canadian
Building Digests. I'd hazard a quess that many US angineers and architects
are not aware of this excellent resource!! Point is that many "architectural
engineering issues and potential problems and solutions are addressed in
these 150+papers.
        Among items addressed in detail are the building envelope(usually
engineered by SE's) and its weatherability(usually taken care of by
architects) and its thermal and moisture vapor transmission
properties(usually handled by HVAC type ME's here). If these are not
disciplines coordinated by good proficient professionals all kinds of
interesting phenomena (negative) can raise their ugly little heads. One is
condensation of moisture vapor in improperly constructed or designed wall or
roof systems which can result in rot of "our"structural elements of the
        Check out these Digests published in Ottowa Canada for some
broadening and interesting reading.

Yours Truly
Norb Volny PE, SE