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MISC- AutoCAD Conversion To Microstation

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Our headquarters are on East Coast, and  they are using Microstation.  I've talked to our CAD manager about conversion problems.   He said that there is no streamlined way of converting from AutoCAD to Microstation.  The best you can do is get the most recent copy of Microstation 95, and open AutoCAD drawing from there. It will create two files: *.dgn which is your model file, and *so1.dgn file which is your paper space.  Assuming that you don't have a bunch of viewports with different scales it is pretty painless to convert.  Also Autodesk's  AutoMap  has a conversion utility to DGN files, but we weren't to happy about conversion quality.

Hope this helps.


Sasha Itsekson, P.E.

From:  CanitzCF
Sent:  Tuesday, February 10, 1998 3:57 PM
To:  seaoc
Subject:  MISC- AutoCAD Conversion To Microstation

My office presently prepares small fit-up designs for a DOD client. The client
utilizes Microstation for their in-house design and as database to maintain
as-builts. We presently use AutoCAD R13. Upon construction completion of a
particular project, we are required to forward the electronic as-built file to
the client so that they can update their database. The problem is Microstation
will sometimes not read paperspace or block attribute information as developed
on the AutoCAD drawing. Although we export the files in a .dxf format, there
obviously is a conversion problem.

Has anyone encountered similar past problems? If so, how did you correct the
problem? Is there a commercially available converter utility for this type of

Thanks in advance.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD