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Re: Metal Stud Shear Walls and plywood diaphragms on metal joists.

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Sasha -
  I'll FAX a copy of AISI's Shear Wall Design Guide(RG-9604) to you within the
next few days. Note that the information contained therein is test data. APA
publishes "Structural Panel Shear Walls(Research Report No. 154)". Again, this
is test data but I believed is presently used by most SE's as the "bible" and
can be interpolated specific to the particular design. I've ordered a copy
from APA and am still awaiting delivery so I can't provide any specifics. The
cost is $3.00 and can be ordered on-line at: 

  Refer to Chapter 22, Dision VIII, P.2-266 of the 1997 UBC for design data
for the lateral load resistance of steel stud wall systems. Tables 22-A and B
provide data for walls designed to resist wind loads; Table 22-C provides
seismic data. CABO has supposedly incorporated cold formed steel framing
prescriptive design but I can't provide specifics since I don't have a copy.

  To my knowledge, there is no data presently available for horizontal

  Professor Reynaud Serrette of the Santa Clara University has performed
extensive testing of steel stud shear walls and may be able to provide
additional references. His phone number is (408)554-6868. His E-Mail address

  Another potential source is the National Association Of Home Builders at
(301)249-4000. The point of contact that I have is Nader Elhajj at extension
581 or Jay Crandell at extension 540.

  The Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association is another good source. Their
phone number is (510)439-6645. 

Hope this helps.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD