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Re: Garage door detail

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>>When ever one deals with these associations, one has to understand were
funding comes from. This particular association promotes the use of
engineered lumber, so one would expect them to provide alternate details to
the use of other materials such as steel or concrete ect.<<

Yes; that was one of the reasons I was hesitant to just go ahead and use
the detail. Even though I could see that the forces could be resolved using
basic statics equations, I am a bit skeptical that you could actually make
a rigid connection using wood.

I will try to find those publications, and I look forward to the APA
research report that Mr. Rose tells me will be ready in the Spring. Test
data etc. Should be very informative.

>>If one were to use this detail, special inspection would be a
consideration, along with the use of a good epoxy or wood adhesive might be
in order.<<

Which of course drives up the construction costs, defeating one of the main
reasons for innovation!

Kate O'Brien, P.E.
Simi Valley