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Re: Signing mylars or vellums

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Lynn Howard wrote:

>Do we as professionals have to sign and stamp drawings that are on vellums
>mylars?...Do I have a "legal" basis to deny a request to sign  an original
that can
>be easily altered or added to?

I regularly sign and stamp mylars or vellums as the "originals".  The
of record should keep a record copy on file, so that if any changes were
they could be cross-checked against the record copy.  This "record copy" is
requirement in Colorado (must be retained for a minimum of 3 years - but I
recommend keeping this copy indefinitely as a record of your work).

(Note: a few years ago, Colorado law did not permit stamping originals but
only allowed stamping of prints - but that law has since been revised - it
allows stamping "either the final reproducible or final reproduction" of