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Re: OSB roof and shearwalls wet from these rain

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>        Another 2 cents worth. This is a plug for more teamwork and
>awareness on all our part. As you know Canada has an excellent series of
>papers by the Canadian National Research Council called the Canadian
>Building Digests. I'd hazard a quess that many US angineers and architects
>are not aware of this excellent resource!! Point is that many "architectural
>engineering issues and potential problems and solutions are addressed in
>these 150+papers.

Thanks for pointing them out- excellent resource, I couldn't do without them.
There are 250 of them, published between 1960 and 1989. Originally they
were sent out free of charge to anyone who asked. Now they are bound into
books and sold for a relatively modest charge. They do not list them on the
web site, as they only list their most recent publications, but the books
are still available.  Contact NRC at

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver, Canada

ps.	Aussi disponible en français.