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Re: Signing mylars or vellums

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We usually have set of reproducable sepias made and argue with the
architect about who gets to keep the originals.  Sepias are sort of
difficult to alter without being obvious.

Michael Donoghue

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Date: 12 February, 1998 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: Signing mylars or vellums

On 2/11/98 - Lynn Howard wrote:

> Do we as professionals have to sign and stamp drawings that are on
vellums or mylars?  We sign blueprints all the time, as these are
not easy to alter or add to.  However, vellums and mylars can be
altered and to  my knowledge that would be difficult to detect..

I am not sure what the legalities are, but I typically try to avoid
stamping "originals" of drawings for the very reason you indicate.
When asked to do this by a client, I typically try to negoiate into
stamping blue lines.  If this doesn't work, then I typically buckle
in.  However, to protect myself, in the event of future problems, I
maintain as permanent records, a set of prints of the stamped
documents with the stamp in place to show what they looked like when

I would be interested in hearing other's responses to this issue.
Ronald O. Hamburger, SE
Regional Manager
EQE International, Inc.
San Francisco, California