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re:Modulus of subgrade reaction

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The modulus of subgrade may be calculated from Timoshenko's Theory of 
Elasticity (2nd Edition) formula 212, page 370, with little mathematical 

k= E/(m(1-v^2)(A)^.5) 

k is subgrade modulus kips/in^3 
m is shape factor from accompanying table
v is Poisson's ratio (v=.4 may be used)
A is the area of the foundation
E is modulus of elasticity of the soil (should be based on tests)


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Sent by:"Shafat Qazi" <seaoc-ad(--nospam--at)>

Can anyone tell me what is a standard value for the modulus of subgrade
reaction for soil type S2?

I am trying to model a spring that will represent soil stiffness.

Thank you.