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Equipment Foundations

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About 2 or 3 weeks ago,  someone raised a question on equipment
foundation design, on why  it  has to design the system  natural
frequency one half  of the equipment operating frequency  or  twice  of

If  you still  interested in the subject,  I  happened to  find an
old-timer paper  in  ASCE Journal,  Soil Mechanics and Foundations
Division,  August  1960.

In this paper,  we can find  the answers  and also show you how to check
the equipment vibration amplitudes against the acceptable vibration
levels that human can take.

The one half  or  twice  of the operating  frequency limits is just a
thumb of rule.
If one have very confidence on the natural frequencies that she / he
calculated,  the limits of the ratio could be  0.6  or  1.6  on  fn /

where  	fn   is  the natural  frequency  of the entire system,
Equipment  +  Foundation
	fo   is  the  equipment  operating  frequency

Hope the paper will  help you find the answers.

Kenneth  Liu,  SE    
Kenneth  Liu