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legal responsibilities of the building official

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3.  Notify the building official that circumstances require you to
your seal from the plans and specifications.


This is an interesting topic.  As far as I know there is no requirement
in the UBC that requires the building official to honor the
request from the engineer to remove their seal from the plans once the
building permit is issued.  Once the plans are approved
and the permit has been issued there is nothing the building official
can do to protect the engineer.  Section protects
the owner incase there is a change of architect or engineer.  An
engineer can request their plans back before the plans are approved, but
once the permit is issued the plans kept on file are now  the city's and
only a court order will release them.   If the engineer is not paid it
basically becomes a civil matter with the client.  The engineer could
get a court injunction to stop construction but thats difficult to get.

I would appreciate additional comments on this subject.  Its important
to understand what the building official can legally do.

Seimone Jurjis,  PE
Plan Check Engineer