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Re: Signing mylars or vellums

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Lynn Howard wrote:
> Do we as professionals have to sign and stamp drawings that are on vellums or mylars?  We sign blueprints all the time, as these are not easy to alter or add to.  However, vellums and mylars can be altered or added to with ease.  Detection is difficult.  If I give the tracings out to the Owner with my signature, I fear someone could add a note, or make a revision without
> my knowledge that would be difficult to detect..
I would never sign the original vellums. In fact, almost all building
dept. required wet signatures anyway.  Also if you sign the originals
and gave them to the owner or architect who can use them for any other
jobs.  I can smell troubles in the future for wrong details being used.

> Do I have a "legal" basis to deny a request to sign  an original that can be easily altered or added to?
> The "LAW" reads as follows, and seems to indicate that I am required to sign "originals".  Maybe there is another section that covers what needs to be signed and how.
> 6735.  All civil engineering plans, specifications, and reports
> shall be prepared by a registered civil engineer or by a subordinate
> under his or her direction, and shall be signed by him or her to
> indicate his or her responsibility for them.  In addition to the
> signature, all final civil engineering plans, specifications, and
> reports shall bear the seal or stamp of the registrant, and the
> expiration date of the certificate or authority.  

> If the final civil engineering plans, specifications, or reports have multiple pages or sheets, the signature, seal or stamp, and expiration date of the certificate or authority NEED ONLY appear on the originals of the plans and on the original title sheet of the specifications and reports.

As I understand it, the lettering of the above says" NEED ONLY" but does
not say "HAVE TO". So it gives you the option of either sign the
originals if you don't want to sign, say 5 copies of the bluelines.


Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering