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Re: Joist Girder Moment Frames?

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Of course you should either design them or specify equivalent static loads
imposed. You don't know the chord sizes, so you really can't design the end
connections. If this is to be used in a serious situation, why not design a
truss yourself?

Ghassem Khosrownia

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Subject: Joist Girder Moment Frames?
Author:  chrisp(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    2/13/98 1:31 AM

I'm curious,  does anyone have any experience with utilizing open web steel
joist girders as part of the lateral system in buildings?  Vulcraft will
design the girders for the loading specified on the Drawings, but leaves the
connection design to the EOR.  With the Northridge event, SAC
recommendations, etc. , is this even a viable lateral system for new
construction.  Any and all thoughts are appreciated.