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Re: Uncooperative owner

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JRTCE wrote:
> I have a client who is quite late on paying my engineering bill on a small
> residential job and the project is about to break ground.  I have  lost my
> patients with this guy.  One provision in my contract (which he never
> returned) states that if I am not paid, my responsibilities and obligations
> are terminated.  I am considering sending a letter to the building
> department, with a copy to the client saying that I no longer take
> responsibility for this project.  It seems to me that this will either put
> the heat on the client to send me a check or dissolve my professional
> obligations to an obviously un-cooperative owner.  Is this adviseable?,
> possible?, legal?
> Jerry R. Taylor  (jrtce(--nospam--at)
In California, I understand that you may as an independent contractor,
file a lien against the property to be developed.  No payment, no title
insurance.. no financing.  Your done.  Your paid.