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RE: Increase in allowable stress for Loads in Equipament Test

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Here is my 1 cent worth opinion:

I would consider the test load as a short term load and as far as the
test load does 
not cause  any permanent displacements / deformations / strain,  you can
the allowable stresses  by  1.5.  I would not use more than 1.5 factor.
How do we justify  the short term loads that  will not cause permanent
deformations ?
It need a little research on the materials physical properties, such as
the elastic 
limits,  etc.  

Kenneth  Liu

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> Subject: 	Increase in allowable stress for Loads in Equipment Test
> Hello,
> Can I increase the allowable stresses in the structures that support
	Equipment for the load condition of test of the Equipment?

> If I can do so, how much do I can increase? (10%? 25%? 1/3?)
> What AISC says about this?
> Thanks,