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Re: Metal Stud Shear Walls and plywood diaphragms on metal joists.

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The latest information on shearwall testing for light gauge steel studs was
done by Professor Reynaud Serrette of Santa Clara University. The report
issued is titled "Shear Wall Values for Light Weight Steel Framing"  Report
#LGSRG-3-96. The test performed two static and one cyclic tests. The Cyclic
testing was done in accordance with the guidelines established by a SEAOSC
committee who complete the criteria over a year ago.
The results of this test, I believe, were published in the 97 UBC and are
much less restrictive than the results published by APA in their Report
#154. The modes of failure were the same in both reports however, APA
recorded failure by stud buckeling in 16 gauge material, while Professor
Reynaud's tests used 20 gauge studs typically.

The LGSEA (Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association) is the main group
working toward the development of standards and can be contacted on the Web
at and you can also contact the organization Managing Director
Larry Williams at lgsea(--nospam--at) The organization is located in Nashville at
(615) 386 - 7139. When calling this number, you may be routed to the
organization president Dean Peyton PE of Anderson-Peyton 31620 23rd Avenue,
South, Suite 321, Federal Way, Washington 98003 (206) 941-9929.

LGSEA publishes technical journals as well as a fairly comprehensive Detail
library for about $85.00 (paper publication).  I just received the detail
library and found it to be usefull, however, in my area we combine plated
wood truss roofs with steel stud walls - not considered typical in the
detail library.

They have two prescriptive design guides that are excellent. I just received
these and will attempt in the next few months to create MathCad templates
based on the design measures. The one book is "Prescriptive method for
Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing" Second Edition and the second is an
excellent Commentary to the first book.

Some of the members of LGSEA are on this list including Tom Harris SE and
myself (as well as a few others I know I am missing).  Membership is $100.00
per year and well worth it if you intend to stay on top of this growing
technology. This is much work to be done with light gauge steel construction
and I know LGSEA could use the help of volunteer committee members.

Dennis Wish PE

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Date: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 6:28 PM
Subject: Metal Stud Shear Walls and plywood diaphragms on metal joists.

>Charlie Canitz,
>I was going through SEAOC archives looking for information on the shear
transfer detailing at stud shear walls with plywood sheathing, and found
your comments regarding  AISI publication "Shear Wall Design
>Does it cover detailing or merely test results? Is that something that you
can fax or e-mail to me?  I would appreciate this.
>I am also looking for allowable values for plywood horizontal diaphragms on
the metal gage joists. I couldn't find anything in the 97 UBC.  Does APA
have any data on that?
>Sasha Itsekson, P.E.
>fax (510) 689-7006