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Re: MBMA Code and Wind Loads

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Jan -
  Since this is an Air Force project, what are their wind design load
requirements? A  consultant who has executed a design contract with the Air
Force or the Corps Of Engineers is usually provided with directions which
provide guidance including structural design load criteria. For instance, the
Corps utilizes TM5-809-1, "Structural Design Criteria For Buildings". The
Government entity responsible for managing this project should be able to
provide some guidance and/or direction. In the case where conflicting codes
occur, the usual direction is that the more stringent criteria apply.

  I have a copy of the MBMA's 1986 edition of the "Low Rise Building Systems
Manual".  The wind design load determination contained therein appears to be
based on an amended version of ANSI A58.1-1982 which I believe was the
precursor to the ASCE Standard 7. The MBMA web site( lists
a 1996 edition of the "Low Rise Building Systems Manual"(Cost is $30.00).
Assuming this addition follows suit, determination of design wind loads may be
based on an amended version of the ASCE Standard 7).

  Does your Scope include preparation of construction specifications? If so
and you have been provided with guide specifications which you have to modify
to make them project specific, does the part 1 or part 2 portions of the pre-
engineered metal spec section provide any design requirements criteria?

  Since the supplier claims that his design is based on "MBMA code", are they
willing to furnish you the corresponding wind design loads excerpts for

  It's possible that the Air Force design criteria allow the supplier use of
the MBMA code. Therefore, their position that their design is sufficient may
be correct. Since you are responsible for the foundation design(and hence the
higher column design reactions), it may be prudent to request written
direction from the Government entity responsible for managing this contract.

Hope I helped out and didn't further "muddy the waters".

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD