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Re: MBMA Code and Wind Loads

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Charlie wrote:

<< Since this is an Air Force project, what are their wind design load
 requirements?  >>

It isn't completely clear.  My client is the SABRE contractor on base.  His
contract requires designs according to typical stateside USAF facilities, and
specifies the wind speed and seismic zone.  I interpreted this to mean the
COE/USAF design criteria I usually use.  MILCON and design-bid-build projects
are designed by Navy Design criteria because LANTDIV NAVFAC manages those
projects on the island for the Air Force.  So in practice the local facilities
people accept anything designed by either set of criteria.  My scope of work
is the foundation design based on loads provided by the building manufacturer.
I did not specify the metal building, my client just ordered it.  

Any way I slice it, the metal building manufacturer'e reactions seem light.
I've written my client two letters recommending that they verify that the
building design meets the Air Force's design criteria and I've noted that they
must provide the metal building manufacturers that they order buildings from
with complete sets of design criteria. 

What I've done is factored them to what I think is closer to right and
provided the foundation design to meet those loads.  If it fails someday I'm
betting on a twisted pile of metal fastened to a solid foundation.

Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA