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Re: Spacing Limits for shear reinforcement.

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Jack J. Ajrab wrote:
> I would appreciate your comment on ACI Code 318R-95 Sec11.5.4 - regarding
> "Spacing of shear reinforcement" which states :
> " Spacing of shear reinforcement placed perpendicular to axis of member
> shall not exceed d/2 in nonprestressed members and (3/4)h in prestressed
> members, nor 24in. "
> As I am designing one way ribbed slabs with h=26cm( 10" ) and according to
> the above section I have to place stirrups at d/2 =11cm.....
> Thanks for your comments.

Yes but remember that the requirements for beams are different than
those for joists/ribs. The d/2 spacing limit applies to where stirrups
are needed except for beams in moderate to high sesmic zones where the
d/2 limit for at least one stirrup along the entire span applies.

Moni Serhal