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RE: MBMA Code and Wind Loads

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Sent:	Saturday, February 14, 1998 1:26 PM
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Subject:	MBMA Code and Wind Loads

Unfortunately, ASCE 7 is succumbing to MBMA's wind load requirements, even 
using the same drawings and charts that appear and have appeared for years in 
MBMA's manual.  IMO the best wind load criteria for the U.S. was in ANSI 
A58.1-1982.  After that, it went downhill quickly.

[Bill Polhemus]  

I disagree.  After all, the nature of the wind speed data collected by the National Weather Service and other organizations has changed from Fastest Mile to Three-Second Gust.  Leaving the wind loading criteria as it was in 1982 would make unavailable the wind load data since that change occurred.

I don't particularly find the ASCE 7-95 hard to follow.  Basically, it is the same methodology, but it is backed up by newer data and supported by newer research, including computer modeling, etc.

In case you haven't figured it out:  I am in favor of the newer requirements.