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Crashed MS Exchange - need some help

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My Email editor crashed last night, taking my contact list and all of my
saved email and posts from this list with it. I have a backup that goes back
to 2/2/98 however, I received personal mail from many of you since. If I
have not responded to you to email posts, please resubmit your mail to me.
This includes those of you who have submitted links to different government
and professional affiliations which I intended to organize into PDF format.
If possible, could you search you sent mail for all messages directed to
wish(--nospam--at) and resubmit them to me.
I appologize for the inconvenience and will keep my backups more recent from
now on.

As a side note. I beleive the crash is due to using Norton's 3.0 or Scandisk
with Outlook 98 Beta. I leave Outlook 98 beta loaded to check email every 30
minutes. I also use Scandisk and Nortons Defrag at night while out of the
office. Although they are suppose to be compatible, Outlook98 is still in
beta and this may be the problem. Therefore, I recommend for those that are
beta evaluating Outlook 98 to close it down or disable your disk utilities
so that they don't run concurrently.

Dennis S. Wish PE