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Re: MBMA Code and Wind Loads

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In a message dated 98-02-16 10:05:40 EST, you write:

<<  The MBMA wind load provisions are now part of the ASCE 7-95 
      Provisions.  Regardless of their merit, they are now "code".  Be 
      careful when mixing ASCE 7-93 criteria (fastest-mile wind speed) with 
      ASCE 7-95 criteria (3-second gust speed).

I do not believe that the source of the ASCE 7-95 wind load provisions is
MBMA.  I attended a seminar given by Dale Perry (one of the authors of ASCE 7)
shortly after ASCE 7-95 came out.  My understanding is that ASCE 7 now uses
three second gusts rather than fastest mile wind speeds because that is the
more prevalent way of measuring wind speeds  these days and that
internationally most codes are written around three second gust speeds.  The
change to three second gusts meant changing a lot of factors so that the
pressures derived came out about equal to ASCE 7-93.  They also increased some
factors, resulting in higher wind loads, based on research or experience. 

Jan M Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA